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Cool Pilatus PC-24 bizjet unpaved/"off road" runway test juni 2018, VIDEO...

YouTube Video
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Woodbridge Airfield to the north east of London offers optimum test conditions: Pilatus spent two weeks there in June 2018 testing the PC-24’s landing and take-off capabilities on the airfield’s unmade runway for the first time.

From the outset, the PC-24 was designed for “off road” operations. Its outstanding performance on short unmade runways opens up an incredible degree of flexibility and new opportunities. The PC-24 provides access to almost twice as many airports worldwide compared to other jets currently available on the market. The outstanding flexibility of the PC-24 opens the door on an enviable spectrum of possibilities – whether as a business jet, ambulance aircraft or for other special missions. All this makes it a Super Versatile Jet, an aircraft designed to fulfil a wide variety of individual mission profiles.
The PC-24 has made its first landing on an unpaved strip. The aircraft made the landing on the airstrip at the former RAF Woodbridge airfield in Suffolk, UK.

Although the PC-24 has already been certificated, the unpaved landing is part of post-certification testing needed to certify the aircraft for rough-field landing.

“What a picture – the PC-24 in the toughest conditions, using an unpaved runway for the first time!” said Oscar J. Schwenk, chairman of Pilatus. “This sort of mission would not be conceivable without the PC-24’s rugged landing gear, clever flap systems and special wing design. The PC-24 was designed with exactly this sort of operation in mind – that’s Swiss engineering at its very best.”

Pilatus say that certification should be gained in the fourth quarter of 2018.

The original images releases when Pilatus unveiled the PC-24 showed the aircraft using a rough unpaved landing strip. The aircraft has a large side-cargo door, which makes it attractive for operators looking to use the aircraft to ferry supplies or goods to remote locations.
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