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Cool Vorige week direct overhead: erg lage Nederlandse F-35 straaljagers in Death Valley..

YouTube Video
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...is een kopie op Youtube van het origineel op

Dumpert.nl heeft nu ook een kopie, mét "slow-motion herhaling"...


A pair of F-35 pilots from The Netherlands showed off their new mounts in amazing fashion to waiting photographers in Death Valley.

By Tyler Rogoway
December 2, 2017

A pair of Royal Netherlands Air Force F-35As paid photographers
shooting along the rim of Death Valley's "Star Wars Canyon,"
also known as "Rainbow Canyon" and by its military route name, the Jedi Transition,
a spectacular visit yesterday.

The pair dropped into the valley below the canyon rim before
popping up and blasting low over arcing lenses and clicking shutters.

Photographer Dafydd Philips was there snapping frames and, thankfully, taking exhilarating video of the unique encounter.
Check out the video below:

But this 'close encounter of the 5th generation strike-fighter kind' wasn't just by happenstance.

Our good friend and contributor, flying photographer Frank Crebas of Bluelife Aviation, put it together, along with our other great friend Rich Cooper from the Centre of Aviation Photography,
and location coordinator Tim Laurence, not to mention
the 323rd Test and Evaluation Squadron (TES) at Edwards AFB.

Although this was not by any means the first time F-35s thundered through the canyon, it certainly was the most dynamic.

The jets showed up after finishing a sortie supporting exercise Green Flag.

In the end the spectacular visit by the F-35s was a win-win for the RNLAF and the F-35 program as a whole.

Pilots got to practice a bit of complex low-level flying while also gaining a bunch of publicity in the process.

These shots of the F-35 in action, and others like it, certainly provide that recognition is spades.
...meer info en diverse links op
http://www.thedrive.com/the-war-zone...ar-wars-canyon .

Het ziet er naar uit dat de Nederlanders tot nu toe het beste zijn in het genereren van positieve publiciteit voor de Joint Strike Fighter in al haar vormen...

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