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***no status***
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Britse humor!

Hi allemaal,
Je zult er allemaal mee te maken ebben gehad, lets bash The Cloggy!

Deze van Harry Enfield blijft leuk;


Leuk voor een lange cruise....

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heeft nog geen status
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Is idd goed, maar is niet Harry Enfield. (Was wel zijn show). Maar is Paul Whitehouse.

Terzijde is grappig hoe zij eigenlijk begonnen zijn....

Van Wiki:
Whitehouse dropped out and lived with other drop-outs in a council flat in Hackney, east London and occasionally worked as a plasterer. After Higson graduated in 1980, he moved in with Whitehouse, working by day as a decorator and performing at night and the weekends with his new punk-funk group The Higsons.

The pair began working as tradesmen on a house shared by comedians Hugh Laurie and Stephen Fry, which inspired them to start writing comedy. They moved to an estate where in a pub they met Harry Enfield, a neighbour with a stage act, and after he gained a place on Channel 4's Saturday Live, the pair were invited to write for him. Whitehouse created Enfield's character Stavros a London-based Greek kebab shop owner
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