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Helikoptervliegen in Nepal Himalaya, artikeltje...

...voor velen absoluut niet interessant om te lezen ,
maar voor sommigen misschien wel .

By South Asia correspondent Siobhan Heanue in Nepal

Updated Mon at 4:32am

Ms Adhikari is not afraid to criticise examples of lax safety standards that have brought Nepalese aviation under scrutiny.

In fact, she bore the brunt of it earlier this year when a runaway aircraft slammed into her stationary helicopter at a mountain airport.

The incident made world headlines, with dramatic footage showing a plane skidding off the short airstrip at Lukla airport and crashing into two parked choppers.

Ms Adhikari was sitting in the cockpit drinking a coffee when she felt the collision.

Three people were killed in the crash, but she managed to escape unscathed.

She was frustrated to see the same airline flying at the same airport the next day, without any pause for investigation.

The world's highest recorded helicopter rescue was at 7,010 metres in Nepal, and aviators who fly at such high altitudes are considered to be highly specialised operators.
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Bedankt voor het delen Strato, erg interessant en cool om te lezen.
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